Guardian Village:
Guardian Village Handicrafts provides women and impoverished families with fair trade business opportunities. They supply vocational training in handmade jewelry, crafted Lokta paper products and other accessories. The sale of these handicrafts helps to fund the Guardian Children's Home where care and quality education are provided for children rescued from slavery and other abusive environments. Your purchase of these products promotes holistic community environments.
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Making Jewelry

Making Jewelry

The Problem:
There are hundreds of thousands of Nepalese girls who are "exported" by flesh-traders to work in the brothels of India. Many more children are trapped in child labor while others are discarded into the streets to fend for themselves. We can and must rescue these children. But for every one child they rescue Guardian Village has found that the next child will be quickly enslaved to keep money flowing to support their family. Providing a safe environment is of utmost importance. But greater still is the need to address the root of the problem: impoverished families who feel the need to "sacrifice" their children out of desperation.  

Screen Printing
Group jewelry making

Screen Printing
Group Making Jewelry

The Solution:
How does Guardian Village Rescue The "At Risk" Children of Nepal without sending their younger siblings to the same fate? Through their community development programs, they gain hands-on access to the families of vulnerable kids.

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Guardain Village Antique HIO Bracelet


Guardian Village Antique with Antique Round HIO Necklace


Guardian Village Antique with Antique Round Picture Frames

Picture Frames

School of Fish Key Ring

Key Rings

Adult Literacy Class 1
Adult Literacy Class 2

Adult Literacy Class

Handicrafts And More:
Guardian Village Handicrafts is providing business opportunities for women and families of Nepal. In addition they fund a local Community Development group to provide Adult Literacy Classes, Vocational Training and other Essential Life Skills. Guardian Villages goal is to equip parents to properly care for their children and protect them from the dangers of exploitation. Through Education and the development of micro-businesses "uncultivated resources" can be developed, self esteem encouraged, and families enabled to be self-supporting.

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