What is Share-a-Prayer?

Share-a-Prayer is about Handing Over our lives to be servants to others, being the hands and feet of God. This program is designed to help smaller ministries and individuals. Our purpose is to connect you with various ministries and individuals that need your help by supporting them at a personal level. We are trying to work where support is needed most and as close to the individual as possible.

Why Did Faithware Start Share-a-Prayer?


"Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. "
--Philippians 2:4


Share-a-Prayer is the ministry side of Faithware where our purpose is to help give back. In our generosity to others, we trust God will in turn bless us and refresh us in ways that will draw us closer to Him and to help us continue to grow support for those in need.

On our About Us page we state our goals with Faithware. Share-a-Prayer is part of our mission to fulfill those goals. They are to:
  • Help spread Godís love and bring Godís glory in everything we do.
  • Remind everyone to have faith in God and to trust God by handing over your burdens in prayer and ultimately handing over your life to God.
  • Help others grow in their faith through fellowship within the Christian community.
  • Provide a path through Faithware for personal involvement and encouragement to those who are struggling and to remind them of the faith community surrounding them.

We can start to accomplish those goals with Share-a Prayer through;

  • Individual Gifts to those rebuilding their lives.
  • Group gifts for missions or youth groups.
  • Group Fundraising to fundraise with a purpose to support your own youth group or organization.

Individual Gift
Would you like to directly support someone as they rebuild their life?

We offer here an opportunity to gift an item to a man or woman in need of support and prayer. In hoping you make a connection with the individual who receives your gift, we have given you the option to send along a note. We will then ship the item and note for you. The organization that you pick will then give the item to one of their current residents. We leave the option open to them to start a correspondence, but know that your gift will help them in their faith journey forward. We have faith items to support any man or woman below.
Click here for an individual gift to a Woman
Click here for an individual gift to a Man

Group Gift
Group Gift is a fundraising and gift program that works the same as an individual gift but in larger quantities. You or your organization can gift product for either our partner ministries or a group of your choice. They in turn can use it as a fundraiser for their organization or use it as giveaways in conjunction with their evangelism program. Buying our gifts at a reduced price and giving them to an organization lets them sell the product at full price, doubling your investment and then bringing the organization 100 percent profit to their cause. There are also many youth organizations that are doing mission trips that are looking for items to give away to local residents to remind them of the faith family praying for them. Unfortunately they do not have the extra resources to purchase these items. If you are interested in supporting a group like this, please click below.
Click here for more information on Group Gifts

Group Fundraising
Are you looking for something new and unique for your fundraising program? Selling Faithware products will not only give you a great return on your investment, but you will also be doing it by spreading the Gospel and offering a faith based product. For each item sold, Faithware can provide a cash commission, or set it up so that another organization in need may receive Faithware product or money courtesy of your group.
Click here for more information on Fundraising

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